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Ethereal Sentinel by Aerilien

The painting stands out the most due to the color variety, saturation, and color value. You've done a good job distributing the light sources and making sure these interact with the objects they affect. I would like to have seen some more color variation in the flames themselves, though, especially in the core/center where the flame would be brightest/hottest; this would have given the flames more of a pop, and visually make the light they're casting more believable; this isn't so much an issue with the flame in her hand as it is the ones in the lower right of the picture.

The staff is pretty unique looking, but it would have benefited from some extra detail, and perhaps some arcane patterns or symbols to really denote that its a magical staff as opposed to a walking stick or some such. The glow around the top of the staff looks nice, but may be a little too subtle, and blends into the background due to using the same colors. The outlines of the effect are good though, and seperate it enough from the background. The runes on the wall are really intricate and lend themselves well to the atmosphere; they help solidify the character and ground her, providing a focal point for the eyes.

The anatomy is really good also, and perhaps my favorite part; I cannot find much to critique about this portion.

Overall, a solid concept, with beautiful, lively colors that bring the magical aspect of the portrait to life. Good job. :)
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