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Without knowing anything about your character, I can only go on my first impressions.

I like the use of contemporary clothing and fashion mixed with other-worldly or supernatural character or elements; its allows for an enriching experience where two themes that might have nothing to do with one another come together. I think that, from this perspective, you have a good base from which to continue to build on this character; and as you get better and better at drawing the character, you'll be inspired to expand on your original concepts, and who knows what might happen! I like the cute blush and how it is green as opposed to red or pink. Nice touch. :)

For future drawings of this character (if any are planned) you should consider focusing more and more on specific features the character possesses to really bring it into it's own. Right now, its fine, but as your skill improves it will become a necessity; though I'm sure you're already aware of that.

Hope it works out for you. :)
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